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VISION: Coaldale is a vibrant community where citizens of all abilities can live, work and play.

MISSION: To make Coaldale the most accessible community in Alberta.


  1. Inclusive, independent and non-discriminatory access for all
  2. Focus on public and private spaces
  3. Build awareness and relationships
  4. Ambitious outcomes
  5. Pragmatic budgeting
  6. Holistic prioritization


  1. To provide advice and make recommendations to the Town of Coaldale that address the needs of people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities.
  2. To investigate and assess the functionality of elements in the built environment such as paths, sidewalks and intersections throughout town for peoples with disabilities, and seek appropriate action.
  3. To assess, identify and prioritize areas of improvement within the town and provide input on a holistic prioritization matrix.
  4. To serve as ambassadors for the accessible community while promoting relationship building.
  5. To create dialogue.


    Access Coaldale is a community-led group, passionate about fostering full accessibility for all citizens. We want to make sure Coaldale is a place where people of all abilities can live, work and play!

    In that spirit, we are conducting a public online poll to garner feedback on how accessibility could be improved in Coaldale. Keep in mind: accessibility concerns don't just apply to people with disabilities!

    Seniors, parents with small children, or people with temporary injuries are just some of the additional demographics that may have valuable insights! Please take the time to fill out this short questionnaire to help us make Coaldale a more inclusive place for all! Paper copies of this survey are also available at the Town of Coaldale Office (1801 20 Avenue).

    Note: In 2021, Access Coaldale completed a town-wide Accessibility Audit on all public buildings, complete with recommendations. This report has been provided to Council as information. Based on this report, Access Coaldale will soon be prioritizing projects throughout the community based on need and importance, and presenting these priorities to Council. You can read more about the Accessibility Audit on the main page!

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