Bylaw 883-P-12-23 - Land Use Rezoning (UR to I)

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Strategic Plans
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Bylaw 883-P-12-23 proposes the rezoning of property legally described as Lot 4, Block 1, Plan 181 1388 from 'Urban Reserve UR' to 'Industry I'.

The proposal to rezone the subject lands is in alignment with the recently adopted West Industrial Area Structure Plan.

The intent of the 'Industry I' land use district is to: provide for a broad range of industrial and storage uses. The location of individual uses will have regard to both the effect on adjacent uses and the ability to provide adequate services to the site.


    As this new proposed zoning from Urban Reserve UR to Industrial 1, could likely have significant impact on my quality of life, and the devaluation of my property as an owner living adjacent to the new proposed zoning of property Lot 4, Block 1, Plan 181 1388, I am not in agreement with the new zoning. I feel that the present property should be used for future residential zoning including a local elementary school and park. This would enhance the area and add value to our present properties in Station Grounds Manufactured Home Community.

    My concerns are increased traffic, especially on Hwy. 845 and 14th Ave. It will seriously increase the danger or entering and exiting from Station Grounds onto Hwy. 845, which already is a very dangerous intersection for cars and pedestrian traffic. Other concerns are an increase in noise level, offensive smells and air pollution (dust, smoke and air contaminants), from industries causing exacerbation of respiratory diseases. Also a loss of the natural habitat would be impacted far more by industry than by a residential zoning.

    Coaldale lacks affordable housing for low income families and seniors. I would suggest that the land in question concerning this proposed rezoning to industrial 1, could be better used to help develop suitable housing for the low income demographic of Coaldale. Thought needs to be put into how to provide for the growing senior population considering the very limited housing available for low income seniors. Please look to the future needs of both the present residents of Station Grounds and the growing low income families and seniors in Coaldale. Instead of devaluing our present properties, could you please consider instead adding value to our present properties.
    Thank you for considering these concerns at your public hearing meeting.
    Sincerely, VB

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