Bylaw No. 886-P-02-24

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Public Engagement
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aerial view of town

PURPOSE OF THE BYLAW: To rezone properties legally described as: 

Lot 107 Block 1 Plan 211 1972 

A portion of Plan 951 0309 

From Urban Reserve (UR) and Utility (U) to Highway Commercial (C2) and Residential Multi-Unit (R2) to allow for orderly development of the parcels in line with the previously adopted Parkside Acres Area Structure Plan. 

CURRENT ZONING: Urban Reserve (UR) & Utility (U) 

PROPOSED ZONING: Highway Commercial (C2) & Residential Multi-Unit (R2) 

PUBLIC HEARING TIME, DATE AND LOCATION: April 2nd, 2024 at 5:05 pm during the regularly scheduled Council Meeting held in Council Chambers of Civic Square (1801 20th Avenue, Coaldale, AB). 

GIVING INPUT ON THE PROPOSED BYLAW: Input on the proposed bylaw can be given prior to or at the public hearing. 

  • Written comments can be sent by email to, dropped off, or mailed to the Town Office at #200, 1801 20 Avenue, Coaldale, AB T1M 1N1. Written comments must be received no later than 4:00 pm, Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 in order to ensure they are included in the agenda package. 

VIEWING THE BYLAW: A copy of the proposed bylaw can be viewed by clicking on the link to the right. 

QUESTIONS? Please contact Cameron Mills, 

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