Lethbridge County and Town of Coaldale Intermunicipal Development Plan

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What is an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)?

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) serves as a planning tool providing guidance to decision-makers through agreed-upon planning policies that apply to the land within the identified Plan Area. The IDP contains policies that will be used as a framework for working cooperatively and communicating decision-making in each municipality. Each municipality is responsible for making decisions within its own municipal jurisdiction.

An Intermunicipal Development Plan will:

  • Promote consultation, coordination and cooperation regarding planning matters of joint interest within the Plan Area
  • Provide a framework for addressing land use concerns with regards to joint planning matters within the Plan Area
  • Provide a clear policy framework that serves to guide future planning decisions for land located within the Plan Area, affording enhanced coordination of development within the Plan Area
  • Provide policies to address the Plan administration, and the amendment and dispute resolution process

An Intermunicipal Development Plan will include policies with regards to land use within the defined Plan Area which reflect the development philosophies of both municipalities. These policies ensure that municipalities communicated with each other on future development opportunities that arise within the Plan Area. Land Use Policy areas can include:

  • Agriculture (both extensive and intensive operations)
  • Subdivision and Residential Uses
  • Industrial and commercial uses
  • Growth Areas and Annexation
  • Utilities and Servicing
  • Transportation and road networks

An Intermunicipal Development Plan also includes policies of mutual benefit and cooperation between the two municipalities. This may include joint economic development opportunities and cooperation on regional projects (i.e. stormwater management, utility servicing, shared-use agreements).

Lastly, the IDP will have policy direction on how both municipalities share information including referral of planning documents (I.e. development permits, subdivisions, rezonings etc) and a process to follow in case there is a dispute.

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